The Whiteboard: Our Vision

In a quest to find a thoroughly crafted, easily digestible way to keep updated on the world of hockey, we came up short. Bouncing between online publications, Twitter, Instagram, and the always extremely light coverage on ESPN, the process of being a more well rounded hockey fan is tiresome. That's where we come in. Our goal is to provide you with not only the headlines, but the analysis of why each is important. Information is irrelevant if you can't see the bigger picture or understand why the story line matters. All of this will always be done in less time than it would take you to serve a five minute major. On top of that, we want to put our experience to use. More on that below.

The Ticket Price: Why We Charge

Besides the time and effort it takes to create each edition, the media world at large is broken. We know that, and we're sure you do too. Every time you open a new tab online you're bombarded by pop-ups, auto-play videos, and banner ads that take up half the screen. These advertisements are like the Hanson Brothers: they hit you out of nowhere when all you’re trying to do is read an article. With an intense focus on user experience we want each edition to feel clean and straightforward, but rich with information and valuable content. The other important thing to note is that paid subscribers get more than just the professional briefing. Keep reading.

The Locker Room: What Else You Get

There's something special about the hockey community. It's an aspect of the game that is unrivaled in any other sport, and as we think about the direction of the brand we want that unique element to be very much a part of what we're building. With that said, our paid subscribers will get access to the "locker room", which is shorthand for extra community features.

On the newsletter, paid members will be able to like, reply, and leave comments on posts and stories. We’ll be asking questions, and we want you to answer.

In real life we will be planning insider events to create an educational experience and bring you as close to the players, coaches, and scouts as possible - sometimes literally face to face. More details to follow after you subscribe.

The Roster: Why Us

Everything we create is driven by a love for the game and decades of experience in the sport. Managed by Brooks Dyroff and written by Parker Milner, we’ve been fortunate enough to play at Boston College and beyond, experience the taste of both victory and defeat, and make life-long connections in the sport. Here’s why we think we’re the right guys for this:

For kids: we were you once. We had questions, that we needed help answering - what flex should I use? Should I skate during the summer or play lacrosse and golf instead? USHL or Prep School? We’ve been through it all and we want to help.

For young adults: we’re you now. There’s nothing better than talking shop in the locker room, watching your buddies play, and hearing what they have to say. We’ve also had to think about tougher decisions - do I transfer colleges if I’m not playing? ECHL or Europe? And even when is the right time to hang up the skates? Shoot, we might even talk about whether or not you should back check in men’s league. Same thing, we’ve been there and think we can provide a unique perspective.

For Parents: a lot of you are first timers. Your son or daughter saw your hometown team with the Stanley Cup and now they want skates for their birthday. What’s next? Should I put my kid in Peewee AA or AAA? What camps are worth it? How can I help my kid get to college? Semi-Pro? Or even the NHL? We don’t have a magic pill, but we think we can shed some light on all of what we mentioned above. That’s why we want you to join us.

At The End of the Day

At the end of the day, the game isn’t about the amount of points you scored, fights you got in, whether you played in the NHL, or look forward to men’s-league all week. The game is about the lessons you learn as a young man or woman, the people you meet, and the places it takes you. It’s about the feeling you get when you step on a frozen pond and forget everything else. Those lessons, ideas and emotions are what we’re trying to capture here. Welcome to the Pregame Skate.